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Sunshine Evolution 5.0

Sunshine Health Insurance

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Are you a mutual or insurance company ? Do you operate as management representative on behalf of several independent entities ?
Whether you administrate the entire contract life cycle or just part of it, Sunshine Health insurance adjusts its functional coverage to suit your need.

Membership/Contributions component

  • Manages affiliations
  • Underwriting and pricing
  • Premium debit notes
  • Monitoring collections (managing unpaid accounts)
  • etc.

Production component

  • Overview of affiliates and rights
  • Health partners management
  • Third-party payment management
  • Universal health care coverage policies
  • etc.

Benefits component

  • Quotation management
  • Covered health care
  • Integration of data exchanges
  • Third-party payments
  • Manual statements
  • etc.

Settlement component

  • Bank transfers and cheque letters.

Health insurance products

  • Complementary medical insurance
  • Fully comprehensive coverage
  • Conditions apply depending on countries

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