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Sunshine Evolution 5.0

Accounting Rules

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Don't miss out Sunshine's technical solution that takes care of :

  • Writing down activities from the Sunshine packages into bookkeeping entries
  • Feeding the general accounting software automatically

Each Sunshine packaged solutions can be implemented without any accounting configuration.

Daily management activities are shown as technical movements saved in Sunshine technical tables, which can be viewed and used manually (exported to Excel).

For companies and mutual insurance companies wishing to automate data input into a general accounting software, the Sunshine suite offers an Accounting Rules module. Sunshine Accounting Rules is optional and can be configured to accurately define accounting schemes that generate event-by- event accounting entries as well as defining groups of these entries to produce financial accounting summaries.

Accounting schemes parameterization is done through the insurance data repositoy. Operating programmes that call upon the repository ara part of the Sunshine Evolution 5.0 solutions.

From the initial administrative action to the final accounting entry, the audit path is guaranteed.

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