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Alias Screen Designer for Eclipse

Are you one of IDE Eclipse‘s millions of developers around the world ?

Discover an innovative Plug-in for the creation of Dynamic HTML 5 pages 100% graphics

Dynamic HTML pages designers know how complex their developement and evolution over time can be.

Built with industrial CAD (Computerized Assisted Design) tools in mind, Alias Screen Designer Plug-in gives you a user-friendly and ergonomical workspace to ease the creation of all your dynamic HTML 5 pages (JSP and PHP formats).

Boost your creativity and speed with Alias Screen Designer Plug-in for Eclipse


1 – Download Alias Screen Designer plug-in for Eclipse

Register now to enjoy a free 1-year licence and free annual renewal !

2 – Just draw and be creative

› A large catalogue of objects available

Text fields, input/output fields, images (fixed, variable), combo box, group box, check box, buttons (push, radio) etc.

You may design all kind of tables from standard grid to stuning zebra-striping looks, and including the possibility to add sub-arrays. You can even add search features.

Depending on the type of target devices (PC, Tablet, Mobile), the form template will adjust.

› Field control

In connexion with the Eclipse IDE, Alias Screnn Designer allows you not only to set up graphic properties for each field but also all controls that should satisfy data capture. Therefore, your dynamic HTML 5 pages integrate verifications such as values, formats, etc.

› Calculation and dependency functions

You may define a field as the result of a calculation that won’t call upon the server. You may also set up constrains between fields. By using these functions, you optimize server exchanges by lowering server traffic.

› Display control interactions

In just a few clicks, you set up interactions between fields : actions on one or more fields, controling display parameters : visible, hided, editable or not, enabled or not. This control is done dynamically according to rules.

› CSS import

With Alias Screen Designer, you can import your own CSS to go along with your corporate graphic chart

3 - Generate your dynamic HTML pages from 2 euros before tax / page

When your mock-ups are ready, our online service for generating dynamic HTML pages allows you to submit your projects from your workspace in just one clic. In return, you will receive your files ready to be integrated into your application developments.

Where you have ad hoc or regular needs, choose among our credit packs the offer that suits your needs.

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4 – Preserve your investments

Developping forms is time consuming and can become a real investment, specially with large scale projects.

This is why Alias Screen Design uses an HTML flow storage format which grant independency from programming technologies and can generate any format such as JSP or PHP. Should technology evolve, it will only be a matter of making the generation tool evolve.

Developing forms with Alias Screen Designer is a guarantee of durability !


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