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Alias Application Designer

The leading Web application development solution using Java.

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Rapidly build Java applications without coding!

Alias Application Designer is a new range of multi-sectoral application development platforms designed by Sun i-tech.

Unlike many other programme-orientated application development tools, Sun i-tech innovates by proposing a business specifications approach with no reference to programming.

Discover Alias Entry's CASE tool for developing your own J2EE applications.

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Discover Alias Mobile's CASE tool for developing your tablet and smartphone applications.

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Thanks to Alias Application Designer, you can create applications for :

■ Managing prospects/clients
■ Managing sales/purchases of goods and services
■ Managing teams and staff
■ Managing planning
■ E-commerce activities
■ Managing events and visitors
■ Managing stock and fleets (real estate, vehicles, etc,)

And more generally, all types of management applications for your business' needs.

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