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Sunshine Evolution 5.0


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Available for both personal and group insurance, the Sunshine Pension Savings solution offers the following types of management :

Management of policies in Euro (or any other currencies) with or without guaranteed interest rate

  • Euro funds coverage with
    › single premium, regular premium (scheduled payments), free installments
  • Guaranteed rates management over variable duration and per payment
  • Bonuses

Unit-linked policies management

  • Temporary funds in currencies or unit-linked
  • No limitation in the number of units
  • Link (ratio) between units and underlying assets
  • Reinvestment of coupon payments
  • Split of underlying assets, mergers and absorptions
  • Expenses management
  • Tax deductibility for premiums
  • ACAV reconciliation
  • Bonuses

The Sunshine pension-savings solution offers a comprehensive functional coverage dedicated to the management of such policies:

  • Underwriting
  • Managing premiums, free instalment payments
  • Buying and selling futures
  • Switches in amount, in units, in percentage, including arbitrages to guaranteed rate euro funds.
  • Management of the tax deductibility of the contributions.
  • Premium calculation and invoicing management
    › to fall due, on request, adjustment

The software package is delivered with :

  • Standard formulas
  • Mortality tables
  • Age adjustment tables
  • Formula for the calculation of arrears
  • Revaluation formulas
  • Management of impaired ages

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