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Sunshine Evolution 5.0

Life / death Insurance

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The Sunshine Evolution 5.0 solution provides a comprehensive range of technical and financial mechanisms required for managing life-death insurance (personal and group):


  • Risk assessment
  • Medical approval
  • Coverage exclusion, etc


  • Issuing premiums
  • Payment collections/allocations
  • Dunning procedures, notifications
  • Handling legal disputes
  • Policy remuneration, etc.


  • Beneficiary modifications
  • Revaluations
  • Coverage transformations
    • • modifying capital conditions
    • • surrender, withdrawal
    • • reduction, etc.
  • Suspension/returns to service, etc

Benefits management

  • Multi-policies administration
  • Managing supporting documents
  • Setting up annuities
    • • Annuitant, surviving spouse, education, etc.
  • Benefits revaluation
  • Benefits termination, etc.

Main categorie of life-death insurance benefits in personal and group insurance


  • Lump sum payment
  • Annuity payment *
    • • Life annuity


  • Death benefit payment
  • Spouse annuity payment *
    • • Temporary annuity
    • • Life annuity

Sick leave

  • Incapacity (daily compensations)
  • Invalidity (invalidity pension)
  • Exemption and maintenance of the death coverage

Other guarantees

  • Dependency
  • Unemployment
  • Funeral expenses

*The Sunshine Evolution 5.0 life-death insurance package only set up the annuity. Sunshine Annuities package is required to administrate annuity payments.

A comprehensive solution for all life-death insurance policies

Actuarial formula-based policies

  • Term life
  • Universal life
  • Endowment
  • Whole life
  • etc.

Contingency policies

  • Death benefit
  • Daily compensations
  • Disability benefits
  • etc.

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