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Customisable Front-office development and Information System Planning

Discover MIKADO, the J2EE development platform for easily building or modernising your professional Life and Non-Life applications using Web technologies in a multi-channel communication context.

Developing middle- and front-ends adapted to :

  • Usage contexts: clients, brokers/agents, in-house managers, management representatives and partners using fully customisable BPM management.
  • Access channels: intranet, extranet, computers and mobile devices (tablets and smartphones) with authorisation management.

Using a software parameterization workbench adapted to :

  • The various lines of business.
  • A multi-environment management context.

Building applications connected to any back-office solution :

  • Sunshine Software, third party software vendors' solutions or in-house developments.

Technologies :

  • Full web : 3-Tier architecture, web services, J2EE, XML, HTML5 CSS3, JSP, Javascript.
  • Future-proof : norms and languages recommanded by the Worldwide Web Consortium (W3C).

MIKADO also helps you deal with...

Application life cycle management

With Mikado Framework, you can build your own components and assemble them in an application that perfectly responds to your requirements. Thanks to a smart system for managing versions of components, each component is isolated and can be developed independently without any unplanned negative impacts.

Transformation of Life and Non-Life professional application developments (technologically obsolete)

The Mikado platform allows you to modernise applications designed in programming languages used prior to 2000 (Visual Basic, Access, Delphi, etc).

Table description capture tools, the addition of web services in order to interact with other IT components in your information system, redesigning the GUI in JSP, managing multi-channel access, data migration, Mikado can also re-create a J2EE application from an older version of the application.

Discover our service offer to support your digital transformation.

Mikado is a powerful tool accessible to all members of your IT teams regardless of their area of expertise.

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