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Sunshine Evolution 5.0

Loan Insurance

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The Sunshine Loan Insurance solution was designed to respond to the complex challenges associated with loan insurance linked to mortgages, business loans and consumer credit.

Sunshine Loan insurance brigns two management methods :

Individual management (policy by policy)

Insurance policy taken out by the client independently from the lending institution

Grouped management

Portfolio of policies from the same lending institution. Insurance policies management and loan managment must be synchronized.

Where there are privileged relationships with the insured bank, information can be transfered by stream.

  • Sunshine can manage one or several lives on one or more loans.

The main services include:

Death/TILA (Total and Irreversible Loss of Autonomy)

Payments of death benefits

Inability to work

Temporary and total inability to work due to sickness or injury *
Loss of employment.
Waiver and maintenance of death benefits

*Additional Sunshine Evolution 5.0 packages are required to administrate annuities and daily compensations payments.

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