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Sunshine Evolution 5.0

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Designed and built to embrace the challenges arising from new numerical ecosystems, the insurance software solution Sunshine Evolution 5.0 is the cornerstone of all your digital projects.

Insurance data repository

By gathering into the Insurance Data Repository the numerous parameters that rule the way insurers conduct their business, this repository (independent from the Sunshine's engines) becomes a stable business data bank, fully independent from future programming evolutions.

  • multi-window display to ease parameterization tasks
  • optional system (Packlog) in charge of handling parameterization data delivery accross various environments in a multiple site context.

Technology 5.0

Built with HTML 5.0, Sunshine Evolution 5.0 is now multi-browser and multi-channel compliant. It's portability spreads across major platforms such as Windows and Mac-OS, and even Android and iOS.

HTML 5, J2EE, XML, CSS3, JavaScript, Web Services and ESB, Sunshine Evolution 5.0 follows the norms and languages recommended by the Worldwide Web Consortium (W3C).

BPM Management

  • Management processes fully parameterizable : transition rules management, pending information and documents management, etc
  • From basic to complex workflows management.
  • Channel oriented process management : company's administration staff, agents, brokers, Internet (clients) etc.
  • Real-time files management and activity monitoring.

A comprehensive and scalable offer

Sunshine Evolution 5.0 is a comprehensive suite of insurance underwriting and policy administration system, presented in the form of professional software packages designed for specific business lines and which, when combined, covers the entire Life insurance functional scope (individual policies, group policies and occupational scheme policies).

Tax & regulations

  • Social contribution management
  • Exemptions
  • Tax returns
  • Tax reduction certificates

Other major features

  • Full web, multi-company, multi-currency and multi-channel solution.
  • Homepage fully customizable
  • Notes and reminders can be added on all files and shared among staff teams
  • Transactions are fully traceable:
    - Financial audit, service quality measurement etc
  • Made-to- measure 360° client management
  • Eased integration within an existing information system
    › Web services etc

Our end-to- end IT packages provide you with a fully comprehensive state-of- the-art solution, helping you combine rigorous management and multi-channel development.


  • Internet / Customer Area
  • Call Centers
  • Intermediary / Agents / Brokers
  • Partners / Delegated Underwriters
  • 100% customisable thanks to Mikado.
    › Made-to- measure GUI.
    › Third-party (agents/brokers) and client oriented functions
    › Managing multi-channel access points and different processes.
    › Able to address problems related to multiple distribution methods and outsourced management.


  • Personal and group insurance management
    Proposals / Underwritings Premiums Contract life cycle / Endorsment Claims / Benefits

  • Life / death Insurance
  • Pension-Savings
  • Health Insurance
  • Annuities
  • Loan Insurance
  • Accounting Rules
  • Sales network

  • › Internal management oriented functions.
    › Able to perform all Back-Office operations.
    › Ability to control the input of data originating from Front-Ends.
    › Checking supporting documents and ensuring compliance with procedures (allows exemptions not authorised at the Front-Office level such as adjustments and retroactive endorsements).
    › Providing an overview of all types of data such as policies, collections, financial accounts, claims, settlements, provisions, etc.


    Insurance business rules engines covering all aspects of Life & Health insurance.
    BPM engine/Transactional engine/Actuarial engine/Documents management/Data minging/Web service etc

    Insurance Data Repository gathers the parameterization factory and its Packlog application dedicated to parameterization data delivery in a multi-environment context.

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